Top 5 reasons to adopt a cat

If you’ve been lonely or feel like something is missing from your life, maybe its time to look no further than a new special friend… perhaps that someone is an adorable bundle of purring fur.

#5 They Smell Good, No Bathing Needed

Not only do they smell good, but there’s no need to bathe them — cat’s clean themselves. In addition to smelling good, their fur is soft and fun to pet and snuggle with, especially on chilly nights.

#4 Avid Hunters

Cats love to chases bugs, toy mice (and real ones), dust bunnies, and those red laser light devices. Having a cat means you’ll live in a mouse-free oasis!

#3 Can Entertain Themselves

Cats are great for the busy person who works long hours. They don’t need as much attention as a dog, and they are more than capable of entertaining themselves. Give a cat a window and she’ll spend hours watching the Great Outdoors.

#2 Couch Companion

A cat spends about 15 or so hours a day sleeping. This means you’ll never feel guilty when you sit on the couch eating a tub of ice cream and watching TV. A cat will love to veg out with you on the couch. Plus… you don’t have to take a cat for a walk!

#1 The Most Popular Pet for a Reason

A cat is the most popular pet in the world (there are even more cats in U.S. households than dogs). They’re fun, adorable, loving, and make you super happy. Cats are amazing pets and fantastic companions that and will always love you, even on a bad day.