Top Essential Cat Care Supplies

Here are the best cat supplies you’ll need if you have a new feline member of the family.

Cat Food

When choosing food for your furry friend, keep in mind your cat’s life stage, growth, adult, senior or geriatric, when narrowing down the possibilities, and decide if you want to go with dry cat food or wet/canned food. It’s always a good idea to talk to a veterinarian about the best food for your cat considering its life stage, health, budget and lifestyle. 

Food and Water Bowls

Most cats will be just fine with plain food and water cat food bowls. If you’re away from home during the day or for extended period of times, there are electronic food dishes that automatically dispense food on a schedule.

Always keep your toilet seat down so your cat doesn’t get in the habit of drinking from that bowl.

Cat Litter and Litter Boxes

Some cats like open litter boxes, some like closed ones and others have no problem with automatic litter boxes that do the scooping for you. Start simple, and see how your cat interacts with both the litter box and the placement.

The type of cat litter you use is also important. Some people can’t deal with the dust of regular clay litter, and some cats don’t like the feeling of silica gel litter. Get small bags of several types and try them out until you find one that suits both you and your cat. 

Collar and/or Leash

For most cats, a collar is simply for identification purposes, and while most cats won’t walk with a leash, its a good choice for extra security during transportation.

Cat Scratching Posts

Having cat scratching posts set up before you get home is one of the best ways to keep your cat from getting into the habit of scratching your furniture. You may have to work on finding the best placement for these cat supplies, and sprinkle a few treats or some catnip on them until your cat begins to enjoy using them. 

A Cat Bed

Always get a couple of appropriately-sized, round cat beds with medium or high sides and put them in several places so he/she can curl up and be cozy no matter where he wants to nap. Most likely, your cat will end up sleeping on your favorite couch or bed!

Cat Toys

Cats love to chase things. Small stuffed mice and balls with enclosed bells are fun cat tools, but your cat might also be pretty happy with crumpled paper, cardboard or empty bags.

Cat Treats

The best cat treats are small and stinky. Keep them in their original packaging, and put them inside of another sealed container to extend the shelf life and prevent your cat from opening the bag while you’re not around. 

Veterinary Visits

Your cat should always have regular veterinary visits to stay up to date on vaccinations, checkups & medications.